OOC: “But that’s an Amarrian stargate…”

Lazily running missions in Caldari space with my Kestrel to earn some ISK for a new Helios/Astero.

Mission briefing
There’s a hidden stargate in Aakari that is frequented by pilots of the Caldari State. It so happens that a gang of vagabonds, belonging to the Sansha’s Nation, have set up camp near the stargate in the hopes of catching easy prey traveling via the gate. We’ve considered sending in the military, but I’m afraid the pirates might make a quick get-away should they discover who’s after them. I’d like you to go there and waste them once they attack you. When you’ve destroyed them, return to me for your reward.

Sure thing!

The hidden gate I was asked to find.

That is an Amarrian stargate – active, by the looks of it – in Caldari space. Not something I’d thought I’d see in Lonetrek…


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