The Gift From Beyond

Is this right? Her fingers hovered above the datapad, visibly shaking. There were a lot of zeroes at the end of that number. A lot more than she had ever expected. She'd been willing to wait several more years to put  her name to this transaction, but the universe had seen fit to deal her … Continue reading The Gift From Beyond



The loss of material things can hurt us. A ship, a wallet, a treasured family heirloom. Even worse if they were things that weren't strictly yours to lose. But the immaterial losses. Their absence burns forever.     "Hey, sweetie. I know you hate it when I get all soft like this, but...I miss you. … Continue reading Unforgiven

Time Heals

It really is quite beautiful out here. Serene. Peaceful. Deceptively so. It felt fitting that I’d ventured to the upper observation plaza as we passed Yulai IX. The system’s blue star combined with the glacial surface of the ice planet cast a soft, almost ethereal light through the glass panes. It brought with it a … Continue reading Time Heals