That Night

YC106. The second year of the Empyrean age, more and more people choosing to take to the skies thanks to our ‘gift’ from the Jovians. A year not without turmoil, but one that heralded new discoveries and advances; of alliances and great structures in the stars. The year that changed me. The party was set … Continue reading That Night


OOC: “But that’s an Amarrian stargate…”

Lazily running missions in Caldari space with my Kestrel to earn some ISK for a new Helios/Astero. Mission briefing There's a hidden stargate in Aakari that is frequented by pilots of the Caldari State. It so happens that a gang of vagabonds, belonging to the Sansha's Nation, have set up camp near the stargate in … Continue reading OOC: “But that’s an Amarrian stargate…”

Lost Knight of the Stars

The docking level of the citadel was quiet- well, as quiet as it ever got. She'd made her way down to the capital ship hangars, often with just a skeleton crew of engineers and mechanics and citadel staff and their potential questions at this late hour of the evening. She didn't own any of the ships here, but … Continue reading Lost Knight of the Stars